About Us

Who Are We?

We are a manufacturer of high performance bowstrings for both compound, recurve and crossbows bows. We have been helping Club, Olympic and Paralympic archers triumph on their home and international stages for many years.

Complete stability from the very first shot.

All of our Nitro recurve, compound and crossbow bowstrings are made in the UK by staff with decades of string making and archery experience.  All Nitro strings are built with high quality professional machinery to give a consistent finished length to your custom strings time and again.

Our machinery is capable of pre-stretching our strings with up to 300lbs of pressure and we twist and serve our strings whilst held under pressure. The results are bowstrings with complete stability from the very first shot.

Nitro strings are available predominantly using BCY’s X-99, 8125 and 652 Spectra material. These materials have a proven track record and are considered to be the highest performing materials available.

8125 and X-99 materials are available in a variety of colours and are also available as single or two tone strings. Two tone strings are made using equal numbers of strands for each colour. You will find on all of these strings that the colour and effect will remain consistent and in order throughout the entire length.

Our bespoke jigs pre-tension the string material as it is being laid, and equal and consistent pressure is applied during the making of the string giving a uniform finished length and high performance for your recurve and compound bows.

Our company founder has over 45 years of experience in string making and always advances his and the whole of Nitro Strings skills and techniques as technology and materials improve.

Finished String Lengths
60” Bow 57 ¼” String Length
62” Bow 59 ½” String Length
64” Bow 61 ¼” String Length
66” Bow 63 ¼” String Length
68” Bow 65” String Length
70” Bow 66 ¾” String Length
72” Bow 69 ¼” String Length